Wednesday, October 28, 2009

another fun scarf....

I seem to be drawn to scarves the past couple of years. Here's the first one of this season, made from a pattern on Ravelry called "10 Fingers Scarf." Mine is made with Purple Mystery Malabrigo worsted.


The pattern is for a traditional long scarf, but I thought I'd get sick of making all those little nubbins (and I did!) so this one is a keyhole scarf. Put a slit in one end, slide the opposite end through it to wear, and the scarf can be shorter. Stays put, too.

Mitered magic



I find mitered square projects very enticing, and I've admired this particular design for a while. Margaret at Cozy made one a year or so ago, and I've thought about making one since I saw it. A quick trip through the purple bin of the stash, and I was on my way. Yesterday was cool enough to wear a wrap, while today is warm and sunny enough to get good photos of a wrap. Worked out pretty well!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

baby gift

This adorable hoodie goes to Luke, son of my friends Tom and Sherry.

hooded baby sweater

Friday, October 2, 2009

stash project

Yesterday I posted things from my knitting basket. Today's project lives upstairs, it's not very portable. The mitered square wrap is fun to do in lots of different yarns, so it lives on my bed and I work on it before I go to sleep. It's easy enough that I can avoid mistakes late at night, hehe.

Mitered wrap

mitered wrap

It will have 3 squares and a fun edging--little fingers.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

a couple of small projects

A few things to post.....first a fun Malabrigo scarf in Purple Mystery. The pattern is the 10 Fingers Scarf found on Ravelry.

Goofy scarf

And this sock is turning out well, it's the Sam Sock from Cookie A's Sock Innovation. Yummy Trekking yarn.....

Sam socks

That's what's in my knitting basket these days!