Wednesday, December 31, 2008

another scrumble mailed overseas

I'm still doing the International Freeform Crochet's scrumble exchange, but my progress has been slow. This is the 10th piece I've finished, and it was just mailed off on Monday. It's for Rita in Tasmania, Australia. She requested colors from the forest floor. This is not my richest area of stash, but I like what I was able to come up with. My button stash had some appropriate pieces, so I added them on.

FF scrumble #10 for Rita

FF scrumble #10 for Rita

FF scrumble #10 for Rita

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Malabrigo sock scarf

This beautiful yarn needed to become a scarf, and the easy drop stitch pattern goes quickly and shows off the colors well. Maybe I'll use some of my other Malabrigo Sock colors to make actual socks. But maybe not!

Drop Stitch Scarf

Monday, December 29, 2008

Gift yarn

What a wonderful thing. The nice thing about freeform knitting and crochet is that you can use all types of yarns. The great thing about that is that people can give you gift yarn without worrying about quantities and matching. Everything works!
Here are some yarns I received for Christmas this year. They will find their way into a project sooner or later.

Christmas yarn

Malabrigo prototype

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas knitting finally done!

And I decided to knit only one gift. Why was this so hard to complete!?! Anyway, the socks are finished, and I really like them. I think that Allan will, too.

Allan's socks

The sock blockers are for my size (women's 9) so these men's 10's are a little loose. I'm happy to say that they do look better on an actual foot.

Allan's socks

The yarn is Lana Grossa's Meilenweit 100 Tweed, purchased a year and a half ago(!) at the Springwater Fiber Workshop in Alexandria, VA. I had *very* little left over after knitting these size 10 socks on Addi 0's. I'm ready to knit something colorful!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

crochet fingerless gloves

I wondered if fingerless gloves would be quicker in crochet. I've made lots of knitted mitts, but wanted to try some in crochet. A back issue of Crochet Today magazine had a pattern for a pair that looked nice. They did work up quickly, but the strap feature added on a little extra time. If I make more, I might skip that part and the "beltloops" that go with. If you're looking up the pattern, it's called "Spring Fever Glovelettes."

spring fever glovelettes

close up of buttons on glovelettes

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

need a quick gift?

This scarf is a new version of one I crocheted a little while back. Originally worked in Jitterbug, the pattern was written as a way to use that fabulous merino sock yarn some way other than knitting socks. Also, I needed an easy pattern to use in an upcoming crochet class. So the Frilly Scarf was born, and I never really got around to writing it up, at least not officially.

Silky Merino Frilly Scarf

When Malabrigo came out with it's Silky Merino yarn, Madge suggested that it would make a nice Frilly Scarf. With a little refiguring, the pattern adapted well to this heavier gauge yarn. Not a heavy yarn, mind you, but a heavier gauge than the Jitterbug. When the scarf was completed, we agreed that it is a great way to use the Silky Merino! Wearing this one will feel decadent. Yum!

Silky Merino Frilly Scarf

Silky Merino frilly scarf

I finally wrote up the pattern, and free copies are available at Cozy in Durham!

ETA: If you live somewhere other than Durham, send me your email address, and I'll forward the pattern to you!

Monday, December 1, 2008


One of my friends from way back has just become an aunt. Sounded like a good reason to use this fabulous super wash pink merino yarn.

Ava Elizabeth's baby hat

The label says that it's Liisu Superwash Merino, but I think this company may have changed its name since I bought the yarn at Quilts Like Crazy sometime last year. Coincidentally, Quilts Like Crazy has also changed its name and location! They are now Yarnbirds, found on Falls of the Neuse Road in Raleigh.

The pattern is Madge's hat pattern, available at Cozy. I love the twin points, and, of course, the crocheted doodads.

Ava Elizabeth's baby hat