Wednesday, October 22, 2008

new scrumble for the exchange

This is #9, going to Jenny in Australia. It goes out today!

scrumble for Jenny

Saturday, October 18, 2008

freeform projects

The 3 point scarf is coming along; I'm taking it into the pit so that I can work in the loose ends in the little bit of knitting time there is for Phantom, our current show. Here are some (hopefully) better pictures.

3 point scarf

3 point scarf

3 point scarf

3 point scarf

I'm also working on the next scrumble to send out in the exchange. It's for Jenny in Australia, who chose colors that I have in large supply. This one is turning out to be lots of fun--no surprises there!

scrumble #9

Friday, October 17, 2008

bad pictures of a fun project

I've assembled all of the big pieces that I've collected for this project over the last year and a half, and I'm pleased so far. After I weave in the ends I'll add on pieces where needed. Can't wait to wear it!

back view

I may have to wait for a sunny day to get better photos. Taking pictures outside is so much easier for me.

front view

Thursday, October 16, 2008

back to freeforming

OK, I've taken a little break from the freeform projects---both my own and the scrumbles for the exchange. Now I'm ready to jump back in, and just for inspiration, I reread the new book by Renate Kirkpatrick today, "Freeform Crochet and Beyond." It's always fun to see what other freeform artists are doing, and to decide which of their tricks and tips to incorporate into your own work.
To get the creative juices flowing again, I'm revisiting some scrumbles that I made a while ago.

freeform piece

freeform piece

Initally, these were going to become a jacket. Then, they weren't. And then they were going to be a jacket again, and now they are going to be a 3 point scarf. That's something in between a scarf and a cape. I almost have enough to form the entire piece, but there will be spaces to fill in and edgings to consider.
Along with this 3 point scarf, I plan to make some freeform mitts to sell at the Artwalk, and probably some more covered tape measures.
Fun stuff!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

another cape!

buttons on cape

This is one of the variations of Jane Thornley's Feather'n'Fan Organic Wrap. Since I'm still dubious about my ability to wear a wrap with any confidence, I thought the cape version of this design would be a good idea. All yarns were in my stash already, so it feels like a free project!

back of cape

I have to admit that there is a dropped stitch on one side of the cape, carefully hidden from the camera's view. As soon as I clean that up, it's ready to wear.

black freestyle cape

Monday, October 13, 2008

finished capelet

close up of capelet

I'm really please with this capelet in a few ways. First, it was a fun pattern to knit. I all but copied the shop sample at Yarnbirds in Raleigh, so choosing yarn was easy, and the knitting was fun and easy, too.

Second, it went quickly! It beat the cold weather, which hasn't quite arrived yet.

Third, it looks quite nice on my new dress form. Ive thought about getting one a few times over the last year, and I'm glad I did it. This is the first project to benefit from its use. It's been a treat to "try on" the capelet by placing it on the form, and I was able to sew on the buttons while it was hanging there, making that job much easier. Also a treat? Photographing! Not a treat? Measuring myself and adjusting the dress form to my own size. A sobering job, that was. Yech.

modular capelet

modular capelet

modular capelet

One of these days I'd like to make another one using bunches of yarns from my stash. I would have done that this time, but the allure of the shop sample was too great. I had to have one like it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

what I'm doing and what I *should* be doing

I'm participating in my neighborhood's Artwalk in November, and I should be making some small items to include in that sale. I have things in mind for this event, and I know what I want to make.

What I seem to be doing instead, though, is starting a bunch of fall outerwear. I've started 3 capes/capelets in the past week. I couldn't help it. Really.

modular capelet

This one is a modular capelet designed by Catharine Hennessy from Yarnbirds in Raleigh. The yarn is Noro Silk Mountain (the boucle) and the plainer yarn in between is by the Unique Sheep in North Carolina. I tried on the sample in the shop a few weeks ago, and I fell for it pretty hard. Started it Sunday.

black cape

This one is a "freestyle" knitting design from Jane Thornley. She writes a basic pattern, encourages knitters to use any yarns they like, making each one an original. The pattern is really for a wrap, but there's a cape variation that looked really cute, so I started it. This one will be finished soon, so I'll be able to wear it in the pit if it's chilly for the next show, Phantom. All black, you know.

No progress photo yet, but I started another Thornley cape that will have purple/orchid colors. I'm using yarns from Koenig Spinning Farm in Kentucky as the starting point, and I'm adding in many other yarny friends. Here are the Koenig yarns:

Picture 009

Luckily, I already have a large bag of things I'm planning to set out for the Artwalk. But, I do need to add to it! Soon...................