Thursday, October 16, 2008

back to freeforming

OK, I've taken a little break from the freeform projects---both my own and the scrumbles for the exchange. Now I'm ready to jump back in, and just for inspiration, I reread the new book by Renate Kirkpatrick today, "Freeform Crochet and Beyond." It's always fun to see what other freeform artists are doing, and to decide which of their tricks and tips to incorporate into your own work.
To get the creative juices flowing again, I'm revisiting some scrumbles that I made a while ago.

freeform piece

freeform piece

Initally, these were going to become a jacket. Then, they weren't. And then they were going to be a jacket again, and now they are going to be a 3 point scarf. That's something in between a scarf and a cape. I almost have enough to form the entire piece, but there will be spaces to fill in and edgings to consider.
Along with this 3 point scarf, I plan to make some freeform mitts to sell at the Artwalk, and probably some more covered tape measures.
Fun stuff!


phil said...

"That's something in between a scarf and a cape"

You mean like a "scape"? And if you sent it from a prison island in California, it could be "a scape from Alcatraz."


Lisa Randolph said...

Either a scape or a carf, heh heh....!