Thursday, July 31, 2008

let the exchange begin!

Finally finished the first scrumble for the FF Crochet list exchange. It will be heading out for California by tomorrow afternoon!

FF exchange

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

freeform exchange

There's a group of us at the International Freeform Crochet group (on Yahoo) that decided to do a scrumble exchange. Each of the 25 people in this sub-group will make a 10 inch scrumble for the other people on the list, mailing them out as they are completed. We have a list of names, addresses and color/fiber preferences to use as a guide.

Some industrious souls have already mailed out quite a few pieces, but I'm just getting started on my first. When this one is finished, it will go to Marie in California.

FF exchange

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

spiral pillow class projects

Last night was the final spiral pillow class at Cozy, and there are some great projects in the works! Even though the class was directed at a pillow project, we talked about the fact that you can make anything with spirals. One student is planning to do a spiral blanket, and another is undecided so far. The 2 who are making pillows have assembled their pillow tops, and they allowed me to take pictures.

This one is Mary's, and I love its wonderful muted quality.

spiral class at Cozy

Here's Debbie's pillow front and back. She was able to make really quick progress on the festive pillow by doubling some of her yarns, especially on the back. Big impact, instant gratification.

spiral class at Cozy
spiral class at Cozy

I'm looking forward to seeing the other projects take shape. Thanks, ladies, for a fabulous teaching experience!

Monday, July 28, 2008

in its new home

Linda's pillow

I'm glad Linda likes the pillow; it looks right at home in her house! Emma gave it a thumbs up as well, calling it the "snail pillow."

Linda's pillow

Thursday, July 24, 2008

spirals on the road

Tomorrow Linda's pillow will travel to her house! It was finished a few minutes ago. I've decided that the square spiral pillows are really cool.

Linda's pillow

Linda's pillow

Linda's pillow

Linda's pillow

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

another type of freeform

This is the project I worked on in the pit during Peter Pan. The pillow wasn't good in the pit, and neither was anything else, so I hauled my large bag of yarns in and started this wrap. It's Jane Thornley's pattern called Feather 'n' Fan Organic Wrap, and while it is technically a pattern, there is lots of room for improvising. Especially with yarn selection.


I "went shopping" in my bin of blue yarns and came up with a nice assortment. I started with a few balls of novelty yarns that my mom and Alan had picked out for me while they were in Maryland. I kept adding anything that looked good with those 2 yarns, and the pile grew very large.

After starting the wrap, I discovered that it's extremely addictive knitting, and I got a LOT done during Peter Pan. I've already thought about the next one, even though I'm not accustomed to wearing wraps. These are an exception! There's a big bag of purple yarns waiting to become wrap #2.


I'm experimenting with picture size since I discovered that I can import directly from Flickr. Importing through Blogger, I found that using large pictures was cumbersome for the site. These seem to come out just fine, but maybe they're alarmingly large? I don't know. Comments?

picture posting test

eden scarf

Just wanted to see if I could import pictures directly from Flickr to the blog.

This is a finished Eden Scarf from Larissa Brown's book Knitalong. Fun project! The yarn is Mille Colori from Lang.

ETA: Yippee! It worked! Now I can control whether the pictures are right side up or not. I've been having trouble with the Blogger picture downloading.

pillow on a deadline

This spiral pillow is so close to being finished! A little more surface embellishment, a little more squaring off, and it will be ready to assemble. Good thing, because I'll be seeing Linda on Friday, and I'd like to deliver it to her then. More pictures coming soon.

spiral pillow

spiral pillow

Monday, July 14, 2008

spiral pillow, square shaped

Yay! Another spiral project! It's another pillow; this time it's for my sister. The colors are a slightly tamed version of my dining room chair cushions, but I promised not to use the oranges and yellows.

Update on the crocheted socks: so far, not much progress. There's no need for a new picture, since there's not much more than shown in the last picture. But, it's my pit project for Peter Pan. Progress shots coming up later in the week.