Wednesday, July 23, 2008

another type of freeform

This is the project I worked on in the pit during Peter Pan. The pillow wasn't good in the pit, and neither was anything else, so I hauled my large bag of yarns in and started this wrap. It's Jane Thornley's pattern called Feather 'n' Fan Organic Wrap, and while it is technically a pattern, there is lots of room for improvising. Especially with yarn selection.


I "went shopping" in my bin of blue yarns and came up with a nice assortment. I started with a few balls of novelty yarns that my mom and Alan had picked out for me while they were in Maryland. I kept adding anything that looked good with those 2 yarns, and the pile grew very large.

After starting the wrap, I discovered that it's extremely addictive knitting, and I got a LOT done during Peter Pan. I've already thought about the next one, even though I'm not accustomed to wearing wraps. These are an exception! There's a big bag of purple yarns waiting to become wrap #2.


I'm experimenting with picture size since I discovered that I can import directly from Flickr. Importing through Blogger, I found that using large pictures was cumbersome for the site. These seem to come out just fine, but maybe they're alarmingly large? I don't know. Comments?

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Carrie Anne said...

Size looks good (as does the project;)).

For some reason, flickr photos get cropped when I send them to Ravelry. Strange.