Tuesday, July 29, 2008

spiral pillow class projects

Last night was the final spiral pillow class at Cozy, and there are some great projects in the works! Even though the class was directed at a pillow project, we talked about the fact that you can make anything with spirals. One student is planning to do a spiral blanket, and another is undecided so far. The 2 who are making pillows have assembled their pillow tops, and they allowed me to take pictures.

This one is Mary's, and I love its wonderful muted quality.

spiral class at Cozy

Here's Debbie's pillow front and back. She was able to make really quick progress on the festive pillow by doubling some of her yarns, especially on the back. Big impact, instant gratification.

spiral class at Cozy
spiral class at Cozy

I'm looking forward to seeing the other projects take shape. Thanks, ladies, for a fabulous teaching experience!


Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! All of the pillows look terrific! So, this is really just top-crocheting after you have a base, right?

Fiber Deviant said...

i just love all of your spiral pieces... lots of color and movement...just beautiful!

Lisa said...

Aren't they great?! I'm pleased with everyone's work.
Ellen, you're right--once you've made the spiral, there's a single crochet surface embellishment that finishes it off. It's my favorite part to do.

WonderWitch said...

Hi there! here's a message from way accross the big water from the Netherlands. As I'm so far away I can't follow this great spiral class. Would there be a tuturiol or a book anywhere online? I'd love to try. Thanx!
warmest greetings

Lisa Randolph said...

HI WonderWitch,
Thanks for your comments! I don't know of any tutorials in particular, but I learned about spirals from Prudence Mapstone's book "Never Too Many Handbags," which you can find in pdf form on her website, www.knotjustknitting.com. Her site is fabulous--you will be inspired!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

sorry Lisa