Friday, November 13, 2009

Freeform Knitted Lace

Last week I received Myra Wood's new book, Crazy Lace, which is focused on freeform knitted lace. It's fabulous! If you like lace and freeform, give it a look. She is selling it from her website, I've started 2 projects.

Crazy Lace Scarf

Crazy Lace Scarf

The yarn is Jojoland Melody, and I really like the way this one is turning out. I went ahead and blocked what I had finished over the weekend so that I could see how the lace was going to look. Since the yarn has a slow color change, I decided that knitting it on the diagonal would make a fun design in the scarf.

This last one is actually my first attempt at freeform knitted lace. It's a light worsted weight wool, spun and hand-dyed by Ellen Hall, my friend Carole's sister. I've had this yarn a long time, waiting for an interesting project. I like the yarn in knitted lace, I'm just not sure I like what I've done with it so far. It's entirely possible that I'll rip this out and start fresh.