Thursday, August 30, 2007

evidence of knitting life

Well, it would seem that there has been no knitting at Chez String Theory, but it isn't true. There's been some meager sock progress to be documented another day, and there's been some freeform activity.
This purse will be mostly purples, even though the pictures look very blue. I'm covering a small purse form that I found at ACMoore's a while ago, and have never found them again. It's cheap cotton twill, but it's a nice size, about 7 x 9, and it has a zipper top. Should be done soon.

Here's the first pillow top, more or less. I may have to add some pieces around the edges, but this is how the pillow top will look. Now, for the backs, large spiral or just a piece of fabric? One is easier, but the other is faster. I'll have to mull it over.

Monday, August 13, 2007


This is my most recently finished sock, Sockina by Fortissima (I think), purchased at Cozy in Durham. It's 60% cotton, and 40% various acrylics. I used a size *0* needle because I tend to knit a bit loosely, and it's worse for me with cotton. I also used a baby cable pattern just to make sure that the socks would cling nicely to my leg and not slouch. The yarn makes a really soft sock, but it's knitted tightly enough to wear well in spite of the softness. Notice the new sock blocker purchased at the Great Yarns in Raleigh! Also, notice the absence of a mate. In time. In time.
Here's one more shot of Sockina on the table at Cozy, posing with some needle holders made by the magical Jen. You can see one opened up and one rolled up and tied. Jen uses fabulous fabrics for these holders. The one I've shown holds either dpn's, crochet hooks, or short straight knitting needles. She also makes holders for long straights and another style for circulars. They're at Cozy if you want to take a look. She also has an Etsy shop, but I can never remember the name. If any readers know it, please leave a comment!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

stuart the sock creature

This is Stuart, possibly the most popular sock creature ever. He has lots of friends that like to make custom clothing and accessories just for him. Notice, for example, that he's wearing pantalones that have a dashing flared leg. His sombrero was purchased especially for him in Mexico. And the serape? Inspired by the sombrero, of course. When he needs a change of pace, he can wear the britches that Devil Kitty crocheted for him, complete with embroidery. These britches coordinate with the stunning short-row cape, also handcrafted by Devil Kitty. Check out Agent Gray's blog for pictures.

But what's new for Stuart today? Check out the man-bag! I was lucky enough to run into Stuart today so that I could put the finishing touches on this bag and custom fit it to his extremely broad shoulders. It can hold his sunglasses, his pistol, or his canteen. It's up to him.

Here's a shot of the fine detailing in his pantalones. Agent Gray was careful to allow a space for Stuart's tail. See more pictures of Stuart and other knit/crochet creations at Agent Gray's blog (see link in the side bar to the right).

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Look at these lovely hooks! They're plastic and sparkly with glitter! I've long admired Agent Gray's set, and she was thoughtful enough to pick up a set for me at the Hobby Lobby in Shelby. I need to make another rooster bag so that I can use these beauties, which come in the larger sizes (K, L, M, N, P).

Well, I have no picture of Stuart the sock creature and his man-bag because I forgot to bring the man-bag when I visited him today. I won't see him again until next week, so for now, please visit him at Agent Gray's blog (see link at the bottom of the side bar at the right of this page). He's dashing as it is, but he really needs his spiral canteen bag. Next week he shall have it!

rooster bag

Why is this a rooster bag? Well, it's because of the rooster feather. E and I walk around the neighborhood a few days a week, and we usually hear the rooster call. He's not a pet, he lives wild in the neighborhood. Months went by without a rooster sighting, but we usually heard him. A few weeks ago, E walked by herself and saw the rooster in the middle of the road! He flapped his wings at her to make himself look all big and important, and he dropped this little feather. She brought it to me since I missed seeing him, and it has the most beautiful colors. They do not show up in the picture, but the dark part is iridescent with jewel tones.

Tuesday morning I saw an episode of Uncommon Threads with Myra Wood and some of her friends from the Stitch Cafe. They made a great purse called the Wild Fiber Bag. It was embellished with feathers! I had to make one.

The puffy blue stuff is roving that is woven in to 2 rows of the crochet. The other yarns are various novelties, including sari silk and Colinette Chrysalis held throughout. Henry seems to like this project. Reminds him of birds? Maybe?

Yes, that is a lining you see in the last 2 pictures. Loving the lining!

Tomorrow: check it out! Stuart the sock creature and his new man-bag!!