Monday, August 13, 2007


This is my most recently finished sock, Sockina by Fortissima (I think), purchased at Cozy in Durham. It's 60% cotton, and 40% various acrylics. I used a size *0* needle because I tend to knit a bit loosely, and it's worse for me with cotton. I also used a baby cable pattern just to make sure that the socks would cling nicely to my leg and not slouch. The yarn makes a really soft sock, but it's knitted tightly enough to wear well in spite of the softness. Notice the new sock blocker purchased at the Great Yarns in Raleigh! Also, notice the absence of a mate. In time. In time.
Here's one more shot of Sockina on the table at Cozy, posing with some needle holders made by the magical Jen. You can see one opened up and one rolled up and tied. Jen uses fabulous fabrics for these holders. The one I've shown holds either dpn's, crochet hooks, or short straight knitting needles. She also makes holders for long straights and another style for circulars. They're at Cozy if you want to take a look. She also has an Etsy shop, but I can never remember the name. If any readers know it, please leave a comment!


white paw said...

Beauty Socken!
I must get over to Cozy and investigate the needle organizer roll--Very Pretty :)
(And all the socken yarn!)

Lisa said...

Yes, come to Cozy! Come any time, but mark your calendar for Sept. 9th--it's the yarn sale at Cozy! All yarn and yarn-stuff will be 25% off.........including lace weight Malabrigo. You know you want some!

Joyce said...

Missed you on Tuesday.


gray la gran said...

lisa lisa, do you prefer a short row heel to a heelflappen?