Thursday, August 30, 2007

evidence of knitting life

Well, it would seem that there has been no knitting at Chez String Theory, but it isn't true. There's been some meager sock progress to be documented another day, and there's been some freeform activity.
This purse will be mostly purples, even though the pictures look very blue. I'm covering a small purse form that I found at ACMoore's a while ago, and have never found them again. It's cheap cotton twill, but it's a nice size, about 7 x 9, and it has a zipper top. Should be done soon.

Here's the first pillow top, more or less. I may have to add some pieces around the edges, but this is how the pillow top will look. Now, for the backs, large spiral or just a piece of fabric? One is easier, but the other is faster. I'll have to mull it over.


Anonymous said...

I think the large spiral on the pillow back would be perfect. Probably more fun than a fabric one too. :-)

gray la gran said...

LARGE spiral ! duh !

Lisa said...

Yikes, how about a 2 or 3 color spiral? That would be even more fun-

yncmusic said...

The anonymous yncmusic thinks the two or three color spiral would be terrific. I wonder if a free form purse with the three color spiral on one side would be possible??
:-) Don't you just love these suggestions from a knit/crochet-challenged person!

deekittykat said...

I love-love-LOVE the spirals pillow top!!