Thursday, August 9, 2007

stuart the sock creature

This is Stuart, possibly the most popular sock creature ever. He has lots of friends that like to make custom clothing and accessories just for him. Notice, for example, that he's wearing pantalones that have a dashing flared leg. His sombrero was purchased especially for him in Mexico. And the serape? Inspired by the sombrero, of course. When he needs a change of pace, he can wear the britches that Devil Kitty crocheted for him, complete with embroidery. These britches coordinate with the stunning short-row cape, also handcrafted by Devil Kitty. Check out Agent Gray's blog for pictures.

But what's new for Stuart today? Check out the man-bag! I was lucky enough to run into Stuart today so that I could put the finishing touches on this bag and custom fit it to his extremely broad shoulders. It can hold his sunglasses, his pistol, or his canteen. It's up to him.

Here's a shot of the fine detailing in his pantalones. Agent Gray was careful to allow a space for Stuart's tail. See more pictures of Stuart and other knit/crochet creations at Agent Gray's blog (see link in the side bar to the right).


kitttteeee said...

I want a devilkitty-sized one for me! It's perfect!!

yncmusic said...

The man-bag is just perfect for this dashing gentleman. The picture of the fine detailing from the back almost caused me to drop my coffee mug.

gray la gran said...

he's sooo stinkin' cute! perhaps i am biased ... but still, he's soooo stinkin' cute !!!
stuart *hearts* his man-bag!!!

Lisa said...

Yncmusic, Stuart tends to have that effect on people!