Thursday, August 2, 2007

Look at these lovely hooks! They're plastic and sparkly with glitter! I've long admired Agent Gray's set, and she was thoughtful enough to pick up a set for me at the Hobby Lobby in Shelby. I need to make another rooster bag so that I can use these beauties, which come in the larger sizes (K, L, M, N, P).

Well, I have no picture of Stuart the sock creature and his man-bag because I forgot to bring the man-bag when I visited him today. I won't see him again until next week, so for now, please visit him at Agent Gray's blog (see link at the bottom of the side bar at the right of this page). He's dashing as it is, but he really needs his spiral canteen bag. Next week he shall have it!


kitteeeeeeee said...

I Love the sparkly hooks!!!
I haven't had a chance to use mine yet, but soon...soon.
Can't wait to see Stuart's Man Bag :D

gray la gran said...

what lovely hooks!
stuart is so excited about his man-bag. he barely slept a wink last night. he just sat there with his eyes wide open!