Thursday, August 2, 2007

rooster bag

Why is this a rooster bag? Well, it's because of the rooster feather. E and I walk around the neighborhood a few days a week, and we usually hear the rooster call. He's not a pet, he lives wild in the neighborhood. Months went by without a rooster sighting, but we usually heard him. A few weeks ago, E walked by herself and saw the rooster in the middle of the road! He flapped his wings at her to make himself look all big and important, and he dropped this little feather. She brought it to me since I missed seeing him, and it has the most beautiful colors. They do not show up in the picture, but the dark part is iridescent with jewel tones.

Tuesday morning I saw an episode of Uncommon Threads with Myra Wood and some of her friends from the Stitch Cafe. They made a great purse called the Wild Fiber Bag. It was embellished with feathers! I had to make one.

The puffy blue stuff is roving that is woven in to 2 rows of the crochet. The other yarns are various novelties, including sari silk and Colinette Chrysalis held throughout. Henry seems to like this project. Reminds him of birds? Maybe?

Yes, that is a lining you see in the last 2 pictures. Loving the lining!

Tomorrow: check it out! Stuart the sock creature and his new man-bag!!


Deekitty said...

I think Henry's saying: "O Rooster Bag, I want to Kees you all over-- maybe you will turn into the real thing!" ;)
Gorgeous Bag!!

yncmusic said...

Wow!!!!!!!! Fabulous bag. You are becoming quite the bag lady.

Noreen Crone-Findlay said...

That is one magnifico bag! Congratulations! I am also a certified bag lady, *G* , so I LOVE seeing other peoples gloriousness! Yum!~