Sunday, July 29, 2007

purse pictures

More pictures of the crochet purse, including a shot of the lining! Hurray for lining!

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D-kittaroo said...

So Pretty!! Can't wait to see the next one ;)

Joyce said...

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! You have done it again! Love your purse.


gray la gran said...

ps ... i know something you don't know ;)

'Zann said...

Love the purse! I am lining-phobic, but I know I need to conquer the fear--a lining just makes the purse look so much better. (plus you get to add color or pattern!)
Zann from the Freeform group

yncmusic said...

As the lucky recipient of this purse, I can (smugly) report that it is beautiful!! :D