Monday, July 2, 2007


These socks are my favorites! The yarn is so comfortable, I can't wait to knit my next pair of jitterbugs. They're the monkey pattern from knitty, but I only did 5 pattern repeats in the leg, you know, because of the punk yardage in the jitterbug yarn. From what I had left (not much), it would have been impossible to do the 6 repeats to be true to the pattern.
I have new yarns from my adventures in Alexandria, but my camera is not cooperating. Hopefully, soon I'll be able to post pictures of new yarns and toys!


deekit said...

Yay, Monkeys!! They're wonderful :D
So, only 5 repeats... what's the cuff length to the top of the heelflappen when you have them on? I may have to interrogate Agent Gray about her Jitterbug sockens also... ;P

gray la gran said...

can you believe that deekit RETURNED some jitterbuggen to the GY today?!
so, just FYI, there's a skank of the 'mardi gras' colorway awaiting adoption.
your monkey sockens are the most beautiful ever !!! i *heart* them very much!

mao-y said...

I think she will RIP them off your feet and run away with them-- beware! ;)
Looking forward to seeing the pics of new toys and yarns!

Lisa said...

Friends don't let friends return Jitterbug. It's just too sad.
As for finished Jitterbugs, I will be extremely careful when wearing them around a certain someone!

Lisa said...

Cuff length is about 4 - 5 inches, not too bad.