Sunday, July 29, 2007

purse pictures

More pictures of the crochet purse, including a shot of the lining! Hurray for lining!

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new freeform crochet purse

Here's the finished freeform purse from a few weeks ago. I finished it last week, lined it(!), and gave it to my mom during a delicious lunch at 518 West in Raleigh.

The technique for this purse is really easy. You'll need some rug hooking canvas (mine was 4 holes per inch), some crochet hooks that will go through the mesh, and a variety of yarns. Bulky and novelty yarns provide the best coverage of the mesh, but lighter weight yarns can be doubled. I used all kinds of yarns, sometimes doubling or even tripling them.

The first step is to cut out the mesh into the shape you want, then fold over the edge and crochet all the way around (See July 12 post for pictures of start-up). I used 3 coordinating yarns so I could be sure that the mesh would not show through. It's a good idea to make the strap next so you can use the same yarns for the edging and not run out! Crochet the yarns into a chain, then use that chain as yarn to crochet a thicker chain. This makes a durable purse strap.

Then choose a yarn and pull up a loop through the mesh with a crochet hook. Pull up another loop in a nearby hole and pull the new loop through the old one, creating a chain stitch on the surface of the mesh. Keep going in whatever pattern you like until the mesh is completely covered with chain stitches.

Fold the purse in half and sew up the sides either with mattress stitch or whip stitch, whichever looks better. I made a loop and sewed on a button to help keep the purse closed. Most exciting, though, is the lining. I'm not much on lining purses, it seems like a hard job. But, this one was easy, and I'll probably go back and line some purses that I've already made. No pockets, just a simple lining.

In fact, if you have a purse I've made, give it back to me and I'll put a lining in it for you. I'm a believer.

Monday, July 23, 2007

farewell little camera

It's official, the A70 has died. I thought I was pushing something by accident that made everything look blank, but, no, it was just puking out. Currently, I have a loaner A80 from my father-in-law, who is generously letting me use it until I find a new camera. Hmmm, if memory serves, it seems like he did this with a Pontiac the last time I needed to buy a car. Lucky me!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

new type of project

Who's seen the episode of Uncommon Threads that featured Prudence Mapstone? Me! Me! When I heard she'd be on, I thought that she would demonstrate freeform knitting and crochet, but she showed a new idea instead. It's actually in her book about handbags, but she develops it a little more on the show.
The technique involves crocheting into rug mesh to make purses. Prudence makes use of novelty yarns in particular since they will cover the mesh better that pain yarns. In the purse I've started, I've used a few novelties, but I'm also combining yarns to get good coverage. So far, so good. Mine will be a small purse, but I can see that this would be a good technique for larger bags since the mesh holds its shape pretty well. Yncmusic is looking forward to this bag being finished, because it's going to be hers!

Monday, July 2, 2007


These socks are my favorites! The yarn is so comfortable, I can't wait to knit my next pair of jitterbugs. They're the monkey pattern from knitty, but I only did 5 pattern repeats in the leg, you know, because of the punk yardage in the jitterbug yarn. From what I had left (not much), it would have been impossible to do the 6 repeats to be true to the pattern.
I have new yarns from my adventures in Alexandria, but my camera is not cooperating. Hopefully, soon I'll be able to post pictures of new yarns and toys!