Tuesday, June 26, 2007

hex spirals

In a comment in the last post, Devil Kitty says that she likes the way the spirals look like hexagons on the edges, but are more round in the middle. Me too! And not to get too scientific, but in Norah Gaughan's book "Knitting Nature," she talks about how bubbles are round when they are in single form, but that they form straight lines to make hexagons (or is it pentagons?) when they cluster. I guess the spirals are just acting like bubbles.
That's such a cool book--blending knitting with science is unexpected, but interesting. I may not remember the exact details, but I end up knowing the gist of things. Check it out!


gray la gran said...

oh! that devilkitty ! would you believe she sent a note over with debalicious requesting some solid colored socken yarn?
i think she needs to brave the heat and come stash diving all by her lonesome ;)

gray la gran said...

ps. your spirals are mighty hexy-gonny (or penta-gonny) !

gato diablo said...

If I went stash-diving, I may not ever emerge--beware!!! (But I Luuuuv my new blue sockenyarn :D)

I must actually read Norah's notes in Knitting Nature...mmmm, I just look at the pretty pictures and gauges ;)))

More spiral pictures pleeez! They are soooo pretty :)