Saturday, June 16, 2007

spirals and monkeys

Making pillows made up primarily of crochet spirals is turning out to be a great zone-out project. These little guys are fun and easy to make, and right now they require no thought.
When I have a bunch of them, I'll separate them into individual pillow groups (I'm planning to make at least 4 pillows, maybe 6!), and then I'll add the surface crochet embellishment and join them.

These pictures give me a sense of how many spirals each round pillow will need.

My other current project is the Jitterbug monkeys. Since Jitterbug has punk yardage, I'm shortening the monkeys by one pattern repeat in the leg. I just hope it's enough! If I run out of yarn, I'll improvise for the toes. They'll usually be in a shoe anyway.
This may be the most beautifully dyed yarn I have ever seen! Such colors! Yum.


gray la gran said...

ha! ha! punk monkeys !!!
yes, i concur ;)
i am knitting punken socken munkies too ... following your lead of 5 repeats vs. 6.
... and i still swoon over your colorway of jitterbuggen.
mine is mighty pretty too! ... can't wait for show-n-swoon ;)

Punk-Kitty said...

Punk Yardage should be printed on the label!! I'm still petting my Jitterbug; haven't decided what to do with it :D
Your Monkeys are great!

kitty-kitty said...

How are you planning on joining the spirals? A little seam here, a little join there? Or are you going to make little auxillary pieces to join in the corners(as it were)?
(Inquiring minds Need to know ;)