Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Yes, I've decided to go ahead and embrace the word "scrumble." Though it isn't a particularly lovely word, it does seem to be the preferred name for freeform pieces. I've joined a freeform yahoo group, and everyone says scrumble. No one says doodle. I will follow the crowd on this one.
I got to teach a new group of freeform students this past Sunday. I was another great group of people, great class. One woman had already made a freeform purse attached to a clever little mesh frame. I'm inspired to do the same, since I have the same mesh frame in my stash. Maybe these scrumbles from class could become a purse:
There's also a new monkey sock going. Carrie Anne is making hers in the red Neon, and I couldn't resist. We're going to be monkey twins.
Henry needed to see what the birds were doing. Lucky for us, he keeps close tabs on what's happening in our yard. Saves us the trouble.


dkeeeee said...

I LOVE the spiral scrumbles! They are my absolute favorite :)
What brand is the red neon socken yarn? It looks like it's going to make great Monkeys!
(And where's our pic on feets of the other Monkeys? We need to see it :P)

maomao said...

P.S. Henry looks like an Excellent Watch-Cat ;)

Lisa said...

The Neon is Opal, a new pattern for us at Cozy. I'm using the red now, also for monkeys!! ALso, Jitterbug mini-monkeys. In a rut? Yes, I think so.
Henry is an outstanding watch cat.He knows all the neighborhood secrets.

Lisa said...

Blue monkey can be seen in the previous post on my lovely foot!

gray la gran said...

MINI monkeys?! do tell! how many repeats?! (lazy minds need to know !)

Lisa said...

Yes, mini monkeys. Or, quasi-mini-monkeys, that is. Regular monkeys have 6 repeats on the leg, mine will have 5. Cara's mini's have just 4, and I wanted more! Next post will show the quasi-mini-monkeys. The Jitterbug, it is a beautiful bug, I tell ya.

Lisa said...

Hey dkeeeee, I'm making some pillows with a bunch of spirals. They're so fun!