Sunday, September 2, 2007

spiral pillow and a new freeform purse

I started the 3 color spiral for the back of the pillow this morning. It's not quite big enough yet, and I haven't done the surface crochet, but here's what it looks like so far. Yesterday, I finished the purple purse that I started a few weeks ago in Wilmington. Much progress was made Friday afternoon at the GY in the company of Agent Gray and Devil Kitty. Thanks for entertaining me, ladies!
The purse is really much more purple and less blue than most of the pictures seem.
The flap has some concentrated bullion action, and a 2 color spiral seen above and below!
This purse was built around a canvas form that I got a few months ago at ACMoore. I can't find them there anymore, but that's OK. I ended up cutting off the cord that it originally had as a handle because I couldn't find a way to cover it that I really felt good about.
Plus, I had not intended to put a flap on this one, but it really needed one to cover the light colored zipper.
Finished it yesterday, and was able to wear it out to dinner last night!


devilishishkittious said...

The Biggie spiral is great!!
As is the smaller spiral on the purse flap; *excellent* job :D

gray la gran said...

oooh, the spiral is really cool! i see a rug !
when i saw the picture of the purple bag i thought the strap looked "different" :)
glad you found a solution.