Wednesday, October 1, 2008

what I'm doing and what I *should* be doing

I'm participating in my neighborhood's Artwalk in November, and I should be making some small items to include in that sale. I have things in mind for this event, and I know what I want to make.

What I seem to be doing instead, though, is starting a bunch of fall outerwear. I've started 3 capes/capelets in the past week. I couldn't help it. Really.

modular capelet

This one is a modular capelet designed by Catharine Hennessy from Yarnbirds in Raleigh. The yarn is Noro Silk Mountain (the boucle) and the plainer yarn in between is by the Unique Sheep in North Carolina. I tried on the sample in the shop a few weeks ago, and I fell for it pretty hard. Started it Sunday.

black cape

This one is a "freestyle" knitting design from Jane Thornley. She writes a basic pattern, encourages knitters to use any yarns they like, making each one an original. The pattern is really for a wrap, but there's a cape variation that looked really cute, so I started it. This one will be finished soon, so I'll be able to wear it in the pit if it's chilly for the next show, Phantom. All black, you know.

No progress photo yet, but I started another Thornley cape that will have purple/orchid colors. I'm using yarns from Koenig Spinning Farm in Kentucky as the starting point, and I'm adding in many other yarny friends. Here are the Koenig yarns:

Picture 009

Luckily, I already have a large bag of things I'm planning to set out for the Artwalk. But, I do need to add to it! Soon...................

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