Monday, December 1, 2008


One of my friends from way back has just become an aunt. Sounded like a good reason to use this fabulous super wash pink merino yarn.

Ava Elizabeth's baby hat

The label says that it's Liisu Superwash Merino, but I think this company may have changed its name since I bought the yarn at Quilts Like Crazy sometime last year. Coincidentally, Quilts Like Crazy has also changed its name and location! They are now Yarnbirds, found on Falls of the Neuse Road in Raleigh.

The pattern is Madge's hat pattern, available at Cozy. I love the twin points, and, of course, the crocheted doodads.

Ava Elizabeth's baby hat


Anonymous said...

How adorable is that??? Sure, it's not a crocheted frog but it's still very cute (as is the kid who will be wearing it)!

- The Way Back Friend

Lisa Randolph said...

Ah yes, memories of the crocheted frog will never go away. Don't be surprised if you are called on as an eye-witness to that project. There are non-believers among us.

Anonymous said...

I stand ready to defend and verify! I'm guessing Mrs. Walker is no longer among us and has gone to that great science lab in the sky.