Wednesday, December 31, 2008

another scrumble mailed overseas

I'm still doing the International Freeform Crochet's scrumble exchange, but my progress has been slow. This is the 10th piece I've finished, and it was just mailed off on Monday. It's for Rita in Tasmania, Australia. She requested colors from the forest floor. This is not my richest area of stash, but I like what I was able to come up with. My button stash had some appropriate pieces, so I added them on.

FF scrumble #10 for Rita

FF scrumble #10 for Rita

FF scrumble #10 for Rita


Cl@udia said...

I wish you a good new year !!!
You are the first blog I visit in this new year and I would like to say you that I love your style!
Your creations are gorgeous!!
Yesterday I discovered the "freeform crochet" and now I am looking for someone is using this style !
My best compliment !

Lisa Randolph said...

Glad to "meet" you! I hope that you try freeform crochet, it really is fun. And I'm sure you've found the website for Prudence Mapstone, the freeform goddess. She's amazing!
Happy crocheting-

Clevelandgirlie said...

This is some of the coolest knitting I've ever seen!! It's so different and very artsy. I can see endless possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Really need to make Madge's hat for son. I can't find the pattern anywhere.. cozy?? Your work is gorgeous! Hope to take a class from you here at TLYS(Yarnbirds)

Lisa Randolph said...

Madge's hat pattern is available at Cozy, 770 Ninth Street in Durham (919-286-3400). Great basic pattern with lots of variations.

shebrews said...

I love, love freeform crochet. What is your advice to get started? Is there a publication that is basic instructions? OR website? thanks
your blanket should rock the Vanna contest!!!