Tuesday, December 2, 2008

need a quick gift?

This scarf is a new version of one I crocheted a little while back. Originally worked in Jitterbug, the pattern was written as a way to use that fabulous merino sock yarn some way other than knitting socks. Also, I needed an easy pattern to use in an upcoming crochet class. So the Frilly Scarf was born, and I never really got around to writing it up, at least not officially.

Silky Merino Frilly Scarf

When Malabrigo came out with it's Silky Merino yarn, Madge suggested that it would make a nice Frilly Scarf. With a little refiguring, the pattern adapted well to this heavier gauge yarn. Not a heavy yarn, mind you, but a heavier gauge than the Jitterbug. When the scarf was completed, we agreed that it is a great way to use the Silky Merino! Wearing this one will feel decadent. Yum!

Silky Merino Frilly Scarf

Silky Merino frilly scarf

I finally wrote up the pattern, and free copies are available at Cozy in Durham!

ETA: If you live somewhere other than Durham, send me your email address, and I'll forward the pattern to you!


Ellen Bloom said...

Gorgeous scarf! How about a copy of the pattern for those of us that don't live in Durham?

Lisa Randolph said...

Ellen, the pattern is on it's way to you! Glad you like it-

Maggie said...

Could you e-mail me a pattern?