Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lightweight scarves

Springtime seems like a good time for a little silk scarf, so I started yet one more freeform filet scarf at knit night last night. The yarn is La Luz Multi from Fiesta Yarns, and this particular skein was a gift from Margaret.

This purple one is the Colinette Cadenza, a little heavier, but still pretty light. This yarn feels really good in a scarf, can't believe I've never used it til now!

A few posts ago, I was a little unsure about blocking this Malabrigo lace weight scarf, but everything worked out. I dunked the scarf to get it wet, pinned the whole scarf, but after it dried some I took the pins out and smoothed out the edges by hand. This way I could avoid the little pointy spots where the pins were. I think it turned out OK!

Everything in Durham seems to be blooming now. I couldn't resist taking photos on the azaleas in my front yard!

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Thanks for the vine lace picture - it is beautiful!!!