Sunday, August 23, 2009

the last of the scrumbles

Since last July, I've been making scrumbles to send to fellow freeformers around the world. 21 members of the International Freeform Crochet Group on Yahoo joined this list, agreeing to make a piece of freeform crocheting and/or knitting for each member on the list. When we have all the pieces, the idea is to make a blanket.
There have been months that I worked steadily on the scrumbles, and months that I worked on other things instead. Last week I finished the last 3 scrumbles and tomorrow I will mail them out. That's a total of 21 pieces of freeform crochet and knitting---a lot!

I guess the next part of the project is to think about how I will assemble the scrumbles I've received. That may be a more time consuming project than making 21 scrumbles to mail out.

Here are the last 3 scrumbles. For each of them I made a magic ball: lengths of yarn tied together and rolled up into a ball. After I made the ball of yarn, I just started crocheting. No stopping and starting with these, no assembling little pieces of crochet. They're done with a "continuous" piece of yarn (well, it's continuous if you don't count the fact that I tied a bunch of cut of pieces together), which was a new challenge for me. Lots of fun, though.




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