Friday, May 21, 2010

International show is on line now

The International Freeform Crochet group's 2010 show is on line now, click on the link to see The picture above shows my piece in the show. The colors are inspired by a print of a painting by my stepfather, Allan Nance. There's a photo of the print on my page at the show's website.

There are lots of interesting entries to see, lots of creative ideas in the show. I'm looking forward to being able to leaf through a book of all of the freeform pieces. Our group publishes a small book of each show as a fundraiser for an international charity (not sure which one it is this year), and we'll be able to order books in a couple of weeks from Myra Wood is the one who puts it all together, and she always does a beautiful job. I'm glad to have finally entered one of these challenges!

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Kusita said...

absolutamente precioso!!! me ha encantado!!! enhorabuena por tus diseƱos. Besos, Kusita.