Saturday, April 21, 2007

and a hat to match

Details: Simply Knit Baby Sweater pattern from Cindy Walker
Yarn: Cascade Sierra Quatro as main color, Sierra solid for embellishments
Size 5 needles


Phil said...

Little sprouts for a little sprout.* Dang, that's cute. So very cute. They don't have a cat in their house, do they? And can they keep the baby small forever so s/he'll never outgrow this cute piece?

*reminds me of a former children's clothing consignment store in Carrboro next to Tyler's. I think it's name was "Chicken Soup" or something like that. Their tag line was "little clothes with a little history". Tee hee.

cynthia said...

Very cute! Do love the colors.

gray la gran said...

what a great set!