Saturday, April 28, 2007

Log Cabin progress

I got some serious feline help on the Noro log cabin cardigan a few nights ago. All those loose ends were so enticing.
"I'll just get a little closer. Really, there's nothing to worry about." Right.In spite of all that help, I'm almost finished with the body pieces of this sweater. Yarn is running low, though, so there may be a quick trip to the yarn shop in Wake Forest some time this week.
Closer views of the pieces to follow:


gray la gran said...

hey! we missed you this past thursday ... stay tuned ... perhaps knitting will be at my place next week.

Joyce said...

Lisa you are AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see the finish sweater

Worst Test Knitter EVER said...

So pretty!! How much Noro have you used so far? Love your idea to use a paper template :D

Lisa said...

So far it's 5 balls of Sakura. I had 2 more, but didn't think it was enough. Just bought 2 more, which is too much. Did I say too much? I mean, the leftovers will be stash enhancement.