Monday, May 14, 2007

knitting update

First of all, let me say that I don't know why the pictures are positioned like this. They started out in a jumble, and I was able to move some of them so that they weren't overlapping. I guess I'm out of practice on blogging!

Second, I will admit that there has been no progress at all on the Noro log cabin cardigan. I got motivated to make spring sweaters, and that's all I've been doing. Above, it's a diagonal T made from Colinette Wigwam. The front and back are both done, and one sleeve is almost finished. I should be wearing it today, but I got started on another one last week.
This is the diagonal tank, pattern P90 from Artyarns, and "diagonal" doesn't really describe it accurately. It's multi-directional diagonal knitting. None of the knitting is straight across. Fun! The end result is that the sweater is knit on the bias, which makes the fit especially nice. I tried on the sample model at Great Yarns last week and decided to go for it. The yarn is Ariel by Filatura di Crosa. There's not a good shot of the front of the sweater yet because it's cramped up on the needles. I'll take a good pic when the front is done. In the meantime, these close-ups show off the yarn nicely.

I hope to wear both of these items soon, then get started on another simple T pattern that I got at great yarns, but haven't picked a yarn for it yet.

Next I'd like to do something with some ocean blue Berocco Zodiac that I got from Cozy. Maybe another multi-directional sweater like the Ariel, maybe something else.


kitteh said...

Can't wait to see what you think of that pattern (keep your notes!).The Ariel colors are even prettier knit than in the skein--yummy :D

mao said...

And the wigwam top is sooooo pretty; love the colors in that too :)

Lisa said...

The pattern is good so far, no changes yet. I've read ahead, and I think I understand everything. The neck line shaping will be the interesting part, of course, and some changes might need to be made in the name of modesty and decency. Time will tell.