Friday, May 18, 2007

Projects, finished, halfway done, and unstarted

Unstarted: socks in Liisu hand-dyed yarn. This yarn has a small mohair component, which makes it feel very cozy. I'm looking forward to choosing a pattern for this one.For Sheila, here's a close up:
I didn't intend to make this a cat picture, but I really couldn't keep Henry off of these sweaters today. The Wigwam diagonal T is ready to wear as soon as it dries, which could be a while. I dunked it good. The slightly heavy gauge makes this a Spring knit, not a Summer T. My rosy cheeks would be a little too rosy in a sweater like this on an 85 degree afternoon.
The Iris Schreier P90 tank is coming along nicely. My only modification so far has been to add a few more rows before shaping the shoulders. I'm hoping to make the plunging V plunge a little less so.
Progress will be slow over the weekend--I have 3 rehearsals, a concert, and a wedding. Triangle concert-goers might be interested in the concert on Sunday at 3:00 at the Carolina Theater in Durham. The Chamber Orchestra of the Triangle will perform works by Dvorak. You can see part of the score in the first 2 pictures of this post!


yncmusic said...

Maybe Henry is just fulfilling his job in Quality Control.

Dvorak DK said...

From what I've seen, cats take their QC jobs Very Seriously :) Not fit to sit on, not fit to be worn!
Both the tops look wonderful! And the Liisu looks Yuuuuuummmy.....What Pattern??? Wish I could make it for the Dvorak :P

gray la gran said...

those are both very quick knits for you. just turn on the a.c. if it's too warm for the bias knit top ... cause you need to show it off and wear it!