Thursday, May 15, 2008

changing my spots

Who says a leopard can't change its spots? I'm using this purse (which is showing sideways in spite of my efforts) as the base for a freeform project. I'll make a bunch of freeform scrumbles and sew them on to the knitted part of this bag. It already has a leather base and handle, a zipper, and a nice lining. The only part of the bag I don't like is the animal print. It's nicely done, it's just not my style. So, I'm changing it to match my style!

Here are some of the yarns, hooks, and needles that I'll be using.

And here are some of the pieces that are done so far. It started out being all black, but I thought that it might be too hard to see the detail without a few splashes of color. Also, a little metallic silver and gold show up here and there. I'm hoping it won't be too glitzy to use as a gig purse!

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