Thursday, May 29, 2008

freeform around the world

No pics today (but I will have some very soon!), just a link. The International Freeform Group on Yahoo is a very active group of knitters and crocheters. They've just completed a "challenge," which is just a project that everyone works on and interprets in their own way.

This year the theme of the challenge was "Through Your Eyes." Members created something relating to the theme and kept it a secret until pictures of everyone's work could be assembled into a show. This on line show is ready, and it's really wonderful. I'm kicking myself for not getting something done so that I could be part of the show. Next time!!

Check out the exhibit here:


Judy Boddy said...

Hi, I really like your blog. Wondering about random stuff sprial's where can learn to do , or is there a book i can get ? Thanks so much, Judy

Patrice said...

I missed the last two and was determined to participate in this one. And I did!

Patrice said...

I hope you don't mind that I tagged you. Check out my blog.

Lisa said...

Judy, thanks for visiting! Spirals are really fun--I'd recommend any book by Prudence Mapstone for further information. Also, if you google "crochet spirals" you'll be directed to some tutorials on line. Hope you try them out-

Lisa said...

The exhibit is so wonderful, and I love your part of it. I really want to do it next time!
Hmm, tagged? I'll check it out!!