Monday, November 19, 2007

freeform workshop at Cozy

Last night I taught a freeform workshop at Cozy, and the 5 ladies in the class really did a great job. In the 3 hour workshop, we made scrumbles following my instruction sheet. That doesn't sound very freeform, I know, but all it takes is a little guidance to get started freeforming, then people just take off. Even though everyone had the same instructions, you can see that each piece shows the personality of the artist.

It may be hard to differentiate between all of the scrumbles because I shoved them close together for the picture, but starting at the lower right corner and working clockwise we have Diane's lovely mix of browns and blues, Martha's expert blend of fall colors, Carol's highly textured greens and purples, Jane's delicate garden colors with pastels and purples, and Dare's fabulous monochromatic collection of greens.

In these workshops I don't usually spend any time talking about combining colors because there's just so much other information to get through, but this group seemed to have a excellent sense of using colors together already. The photos really don't do the pieces justice, but I think they made very artistic choices with their yarns.

I look forward to seeing what these ladies do with freeform in the future!

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devilkitty said...

Looks like everyone had a great time-- scrumbilicious! ;)