Sunday, November 25, 2007

monkeys invade Wilmington

These little monkeys were ready for a day of shopping in Wilmington, NC on Friday. The purple Jitterbugs are mine, and the blue Discos are my mom's. I think the monkeys made our feet happy during all that walking!


Phil said...

Both so cute! And the socks are cute, too! ;-)

gray la gran said...

lovely monkeys! those look like some very happy feet =)

ps. ... did you go to the yarn store there? is there a yarn store there?

Lisa said...

Thank you, all!
There was no trip to the yarn store this time, but there have been past trips. There are 2 stores: Yarns of Wilmington which I like OK, and The Quarter Stitch which I like a lot. I'll visit there next time, definitely.