Sunday, February 17, 2008

almost enough for company

With 3(!) pillows finished, there's almost enough to be a set of 4 at the table. This one went really fast, probably because I did little else this weekend besides working on it! I'm hoping the 4th will go fast as well, but I'm doing a show these next 2 weeks, and that will make it a bit tricky.

Usually, I get a lot of knitting done in the pit, but these pillows will not make good pit projects. Too many balls of yarn, too much starting and stopping, too messy. One color projects are much better for the pit, but I may push it and see what happens.

I'm also in the middle of choosing yarns for a round purse that will look a whole lot like these pillows. My mom wondered what a purse would look like with the same spiral designs. I'm going to make her one with browns, cranberrys, and pinks. Coincidentally, the bag will be a lot like the yellow spiral bag in Prudence Mapstone's book, Never Too Many Handbags. The pillows were inspired by the photo of this same bag.


Jill said...

I love the yarns that you've chosen for the spiral purse. Great color combo!

YNN said...

The colors for the purse look so pretty. I will start planning my outfits to wear with it.