Saturday, February 9, 2008

finishing up a long-time project

I'm pretty excited to complete these freeform mitts. I started them just because I had the majority of a skein of Ultra Alpaca and decided to see how I'd like doing one-color-freeform.
It's safe to say that I do really like it, and I can see that in some situations, it makes freeform more wearable. If these mitts featured as many colors as I normally like to use, they'd be a bit wild for every day use. This way, they're really fun, but will blend in with an outfit at the same time.
They're more or less the same size, but the right hand mitt is a little better fitting.
The color is shown best in this last photo. The others make it look much more yellowish than it really is. People who know me would be very shocked if I wore anything yellow, even that far away from my face, because it really isn't my color. This green is a departure for me, but I think it works.
Hurray! Can't wait for a day to come along that's cool enough for these..........


Ellen Bloom said...

The mitts are truly lovely! One color with all those fantastic textures looks great!

bea said...

They are really lovely. As a lazy person I would have done the palm in plain knitting and would have spared the freeform for outside and wrist.
I see - you are not a lazy knitter and crocheter :-)

Very good job.

Regards, Bea

Lisa said...

Hey, I didn't think of plain palms! Just started in on them without thinking about a plan. If there's another pair one day, they may have plain palms.........