Monday, February 4, 2008

simple, fun, and fabulous

I'm doing the easiest project in the world, a seed stitch scarf in Colinette's Giotto, a free pattern from the company. It uses all of one skein of Giotto, and tells you to cut the fringe first then knit until there's nothing left to knit. That's a good plan, but Margaret at Cozy has a plan, too. The last time she did one of these, she left a little Giotto for fringe, but then she invaded her stash for compatible yarns. The scarf looked great, and we keep it the store for inspiration.
When Marie was in Cozy, she saw the scarf and was inspired. Would I make her one in the Blue Parrot colorway? Yes, I said, I'd love to. Knitting with Colinette yarn is a pleasure anytime, anywhere. Did I have yarns that might work for the fringe, she asked? Ha! I said. Are you kidding? See the photos above and below for shots of the fringe selection.
And because yarn is just so darn pretty in and of itself, here's a close up.
This project is a great example of how very simple knitting can give you a wonderful result. There's nothing fancy here except the yarn. Complicated projects are great too, but sometimes it's nice to balance them with easy stuff.


Debbie said...

Hi. I'd love to make this scarf but can't find the free pattern you mentioned. I checked the Colinette website and even called a US retailer, but to no avail. Any ideas where I can access the pattern? Thanks alot, Debbie

Lisa said...

Hmm, who knows how old the pattern is, so it may have fallen off the map at the Colinette site. Here's the deal: take one hank of Giotto and cut any fringe that you want to attach to the finished scarf. Then, with the rest of the Giotto, CO 19 sts with size 11 needles. Knit in seed stitch until you run out of yarn. Attach fringe.
I didn't want to use Giotto for all of the fringe so that I could use more of it in the scarf itself, so I'll be adding in yarns that get along well with the Giotto as the fringe. I haven't done it yet because I'm waiting for a friend who's knitting the same scarf to finish. We're going to do our fringe together.
Hope this helps!

Debbie said...

Perfect - thanks very much Lisa!!! Happy knitting, Debbie