Monday, September 8, 2008

scrumble to send

I got a really slow start on this one, but once I finally got going, it didn't take long to complete. It's for Perry in Massachusetts, and New England made me think of fall colors. Always happy to include blues and purples, I decided to combine warm and cool colors for Perry. I think this may be one of my favorites!

scrumble for Perry

close up of scrumble

close up of scrumble
scrumble for Perry


Mónica said...

I was visiting Silvina's blog (manomania)and saw yours in her list so I decided to drop by and visit.
I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina (lived 12 years in the USA).
I absolutely loved the afghan you and yours friends made; it's beautiful.
And your "free spiral" things (whatever they're called) - I had NEVER SEEN anything like that before!!! Are they hard to make? Crocheted right?
They are really cute and original.
Hope you drop by to visit my blog (even if it's in Spanish you can look at my crafts). If you decide to visit I will either start writing in English too or put the "translate" thing there...

Lisa said...

Hi Monica,
Thanks for your nice comments! I enjoyed visiting your blog. I cannot read the text, but I liked seeing your crochet work. The animals are particularly cute.
The freeform spirals you mentioned are crocheted, and they are not difficult. If you think you'd like to try freeform work, I'd recommend that you visit Prudence Mapstone's site
The pictures are wonderful, and you can buy books and pdf's directly from her. I've learned most of what I know about freeforming from her publications.
Best of luck! Keep visiting!