Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The 7th Anniversary Sale at Cozy happened over the weekend, and it was great fun. On Saturday, lots of clothing, shoes, and gifts were on sale in the main part of the store, but the anniversary festivities, like cake and live music, were curtailed by the storm. Still, lots of shoppers came and found some great buys.

On Sunday, the yarn department joined in on the fun as the big sale continued. With better weather, the shoes, clothing, and gifts moved outdoors into the parking lot. This left lots of room inside for knitters and crocheters! We also had a special guest for the sale--a local spinner who makes and dyes her own line of yarns.

Meet Rochelle!

Rochelle spinning

Notice that skirt she's wearing--yes, she knitted it. The pattern is from, but I don't remember the name.

She gave demonstrations of wheel spinning as well as drop spindle spinning all afternoon. She also brought loads of her beautiful yarns to sell.

Rochelle's yarn

Rochelle's yarn

I was powerless in the presence of this stuff. Now some of it lives at my house.

If you didn't make it to the sale, and you're interested in Rochelle's yarns, visit her Etsy shop.

Back in the yarn section, the fiber was flying. I was not there for the very beginning of the day, but I was told that 12 people had lined up waiting for us to open! Quite a frenzy.

Cozy yarn sale

As the day went on, shelves were emptied as shopping bags were filled with new yarn purchases.

Yarn sale

No pictures to show, but now those empty spaces have been filled with a fresh shipment of yummy Malabrigo yarns. We have their Chunky, Worsted, Silky Merino, and Lace. Just beautiful!

We're already looking forward to the 8th Cozy Anniversary Sale in 2009. Thanks to all who came and helped make this year's sale so fun and successful!

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