Thursday, March 15, 2007

knits in bloom

These pictures were taken a little early in the day for great sunlight, but they'll show a few things that are starting to bloom in my yard. Above, the sweater visits the candytuft that originated in my grandmother's yard. Some of it traveled to Wilmington to my mom's yard, and this one came from one of her plants. Hers is nicely arranged so that it borders the walkway to her house. This one is just a blob, but I guess that's kind of how I do things!

This picture has 3 things I want to show off. First, the sweater has its border and the beginning of it's first sleeve. Second, the forsythia is in bloom. Third, check out our cool fence! Randy replaced the weather-beaten fence that was here when we moved in, and he decided to make it more interesting. He cut each picket individually so that they would all be different. I think it's my favorite project that he's done so far.


yncmusic said...

Wouldn't Mother be happy to see her candytuft on the internet!! Looks good. I love the sweater.

Lisa said...

I'll bring it with me this weekend :)