Wednesday, December 19, 2007

old stuff and new stuff

I dug out this hat from years ago to wear on a walk through the neighborhood. It was cold! This hat was made from Tahki's New Jersey yarn, long discontinued, and it was leftover from a cabled sweater I made for Randy back in the early knitting years. The pattern is from Knitter's Magazine, but I no longer have it around, so I don't know which issue is was. Great pattern, especially the loops on top. After making this hat, I started putting loops on top of baby hats.

The mittens are also old. I used a basic mitten pattern and just held the eyelash yarn along with the mohair for the hand part, but not the ribbing. They feel like cookie monster hands when I wear them, so they've been named the Cookie Monster Mittens. Here they look blue, but they are actually royal purple. I know, big surprise.

And for the new things: fingerless mitts for my sister. These came out a little taller than some of the other pairs I've made, but that just means they'll be a bit warmer. They're made from the lovely heathered grey Ultra Alpaca from Berroco. I think they look a little man-ish, so I'll probably put a spiral on them to make them a little cuter.
Finally, the Shag scarf is done. I used one hank of Colinette Tagliatelli, and knitted right down to the last 6 inches. It's not a scarf I'll wrap around my neck a few times, it's more of a novelty decoration scarf. I really love it!

Today I'm making little Christmas trees, my take on the trees in the knit pixie ad in Interweave Knits. It would have been easier to order the pattern, but they just didn't look that hard to figure out. I'll post pictures when they're done.

PS- update on the wave scarf from the last post: frogged. This is a cool pattern, but I need to knit it when there's no deadline. Maybe next year!


Tracy said...

Love the shag scarf and I'm considering it too although you're suggestion of Luce is just too hard to pass up! Hmmmmmmm

Lisa said...

Thanks Tracy! I've started another Luce scarf in Silver Thaw, and I'm enjoying the color changes. Don't know how long your color repeats are, but it does make it fun to see them change. I'll post a picture soon-

Pirk said...

I foundit!!!!
The hat pattern is in Knitter's Winter 1998 magazine.