Thursday, December 6, 2007

gift hats

Continuing in the effort to check gifts off the Christmas knitting list, here are some hats. First, Jeff's camo hat finished up pretty well. The yarn is not luxury, it's Red Heart acrylic, but it's the only camo colorway I could find. Those synthetics are known for not breathing, which equals holding in the heat. Right?
Next is Allan's hat, made from DiVe's Autunno. It's our newest yarn at Cozy, and it's really yummy. 100% merino that's soft. This one is technically a birthday present, but the birthday in question is December 24th.
Now all that's left to finish is the freeform sweater for Emma. I need to get busy!


mao! said...

LOVE the camo hat!! (Have hunter on Xmas list also :D)
(Although have been warned he doesn't wear hats-- how is this possible?? Surely the deer can't smell acrylique??)

gray la gran said...

i LOVE the camo hat too! and i love acrylique :)

Lisa said...

Thanks, Ladies. The camo hat loves you, too. I'm hoping to get to see both of you before Christmas, but I'm not sure it will happen. I have show and tell that I can't post until after the holidays!!

'Zann said...

Hi Lisa - thanks for the good wishes for tomorrow. It would be very exciting if you were to visit Terre Haute. My mother is now at the nursing home at Westminster, but she used to be in her own apartment independently - what is your husband's aunt's name? Maybe I know her.
Oh, and I see you taught a freeform workshop. I committed to doing one here in April,so I'm probably going to ask your advice!!