Wednesday, October 24, 2007

instant gratification

Today I was organizing some knitting stuff, and I came across an old project: some log cabin freeform squares that I had sewn up into a reversible bag with knitted handles. It was cute, but not functional. Besides being a little bulky, it didn't have any structural support. Just a bunch of layers of knitting.

I took it apart, separated the layers to make 2 bags instead of 1, and was going to put in some lining when I realized that the denim bags that I had stashed away were the perfect size to become liners!

I haven't actually stitched the knitting to the denim, but that will just take a few minutes. Instant gratification!


gray la gran said...

that is instant gratification ! what a great find in the stash :)

ChelleC said...

Can I say DARLING. Very very cute freeform bag.

Patrice said...

VERY nice freeform piece!!