Monday, October 15, 2007

new projects

It's the season for gift-knitting. At least, it's the season of realizing that if you're going to knit gifts, you had better start NOW.
I have a list. I'm getting started. But there are many pictures I will not be able to post! They are gifts, after all, and shall be kept secret until their gifting.
I'll show whatever I can.


Glenn said...

Lisa, since you mentioned Fibonacci numbers in knitting, I am curious how that would look. Do you have pictures of anything you've done with Fibonacci in the pattern?

For anybody unfamiliar with Fibonacci, see here:

Lisa said...

Glenn, I can't find your correct email address, will you send it to me?

sgeddes said...

I need to create my list still! I better get started this weekedn or I'll never get anything done on time for the holidays.

Pirk said...

I have my list in my head. Every time I start something I think it's a gift, and then later I don't remember for whom.

The jitterbug yarn is looking very inviting. I'm not looking.

Pirk said...

where did you get the sock holders?
I need them too.

Lisa said...

The sock thingies came from Great Yarns in Raleigh, NC. They are made by Fibertrends, so they can probably be bought on line.

I must admit that I don't really block socks on them, I just use them to make socks look better for blog pictures! Sure does the trick-