Friday, October 12, 2007

new Jitterbug

I taught a sock class last week, and this is the sock I worked on during class. Dusk colorway, very pretty. I always divide sock skeins that have punk yardage, and the picture above shows how little yarn I had left at the end of this sock.
Will start the second today, probably, so that I can wear them soon. It's cool today--sock season is upon us!


sgeddes said...

This makes me look forward to knitting up my skein of Dusk colored Jitterbug.

I love the pillows with the multiple spirals. If you ever do a class to teach that - I'd sign up!

ChelleC said...

That Jitterbug sock is so beautiful. I started a pair last spring from Socks that Rock and got one sock finished, then couldn't get it over my ankle (too narrow for my foot). Tried to do it again, still felt too snug. Got frustrated and ripped it out.

Glad yours turned out so well. I'm thinking I should try again because I really admire the way these socks look.