Tuesday, October 2, 2007

lining freeform purses, and finished monkeys!

I've been lining some of the freeform purses that I made last year. Here's a yucky overly bright close up of Sherry's purse, about to be lined.
And a nicer shot of the whole purse in better light!

This one is my mom's, and it's actually been lined already and returned. I couldn't resist a close up of a spiral and bullion shell.

Not one, but two, two (!) finished monkeys. And no, I'm not that fast, it's just that both pairs have been on the needles for a while. I'm in the midst of a sock-finishing-frenzy. Two pairs to go, then I can start something fresh and new.


Pirk said...

The socks are great, Lisa!

I love your freeform purses. Now you inspired me back to freeform creations.

ynnpiano said...

I am such a lucky mom to have all these beautiful knitted socks and purses by Lisa!! Thank you, again, Lisa!! :-)

Lisa said...

Aww, it's FUN to make stuff for your mom! I know Agent Gray agrees with me.

gray la gran said...

what's the mystery red yarn? i never saw these in progress!
(and how did you know that red is my favorite color ?!)


Glenn said...

Cool stuff, Lisa! Especially the psychedelic spiral purses.

ChelleC said...

Love your Monkeys - those are so cute!

The freeform purses are darling too. I really like yours. It's making me want to embark on another freeform venture.