Wednesday, January 30, 2008

decisions to make

So now I have 12 motifs in the Jitterbug Boteh. I know that I will NOT get the 16 motifs called for in the pattern because Jitterbug has punk yardage. The question is, do I go ahead and make the border now, or try to get one more motif in there?
I know that each motif takes 7g of yarn, and I have 28g left. I'll guess at how much the border will use and go from there.

Edit: Last night I considered using a contrast yarn as Ellen suggested in the comments, but I didn't have anything that was just right in my stash. I decided to go for 14 motifs and skimp a little on the border by working in single crochet rather than half double crochet all the way around. Lucky me, I finished the border with only 48 inches of yarn left. Blocked it overnight and am looking for somewhere to go so I can wear it today!

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Ellen Bloom said...

Why don't you use a contrasting yarn for the border? I'd get as much length out of your yarn as possible.