Sunday, January 13, 2008

more scarf knitting

Randy requested a scarf at least 2 years ago, but we never found a pattern or a design that he was really interested in. This winter, I remembered the Campus Scarf in Pam Allen's "Scarf Style" book from Interweave. In the book, the scarf is knitted with lots of colors, but we both thought it would look good in just one color of Ultra Alpaca. The color washed out a little in the photo; it's light blue, but not quite as light as it appears.
We're working on getting a class schedule ready for publication at Cozy, and I'll be doing a Learn to Crochet class again. I like to have some projects for students to start after they learn the basics, and I wanted to crochet another scarf using sock yarn (remember the Boteh scarf?). So I decided to come up with something for the Jitterbug that wasn't too hard.
Using one skein was important! I started by making a 6 inch segment of a scarf, playing around until I liked it well enough. After that, I weighed the sample, did a little math, and figured out how long I could make the scarf with one ball of yarn. It worked pretty well--when I was finished with the whole scarf, I had 6 grams of Jitterbug left. Very satisfying! This pattern will be free at Cozy with purchase of the yarn just as soon as I can get it ready.

These pictures look a little strange because they were modeled on my coat tree, not on a human!


ynnpiano said...

The crocheted scarf is reallllly pretty. Very nice. It looks light weight. Am I right?

Lisa said...

Yes, it is! Not a scarf for the coldest day of the year, but it will probably be warmer than it looks. Wool, ya know-


Olá, All good! My name is Sandra Coatti and lives in Brazil. Vi this pretty scarf and I got passionate, only that it does not have the magazine with the grafico here, sera that voce could order the grafico for me. Its blog this pretty one, sees mine.... Debtor.......Sandra Coatti

Lois said...

I am a beginner. How important is the number of stitches starting out? I mean, I meant to start with 200 and wound up with 196. Will the pattern still work?

Lisa said...

Lois, the pattern will work just fine, but that's a good question. Sometimes patterns depend on a certain number of stitches, but this one will be fine with any number.